Future Mario is the future of Mario, within Mario and Peach are the king and queen of the Mushroom Kingdom and Luigi and Daisy now rule Sarasaland, Mecha Mario was hired to be a Mario Replacement, but he went EVIL, so Mario Jr. and Luigi Jr. killed him and mario and peach have sex and die

Bowser Jr. takes over throneEdit

With his father now really old Bowser Jr. takes over, all of the other juniors have started taking over as well, WOW JR.WORLD!!!!!!! And bowser jr has a son called devilil d koopa jr

Mecha Mario rampageEdit

Mecha Mario then went on to capture Mario, Peach, Luigi and Daisy but Luigi Jr and Mario Jr. went on a great quest to kill him, they succeeded and they became great heroes. And mario and peach have sex and die

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