Luigi is Mario's brother, a second banana, and a drug dealer.

Plumber DaysEdit

As a plumber, Luigi always tried his best and was a very good plumber, in fact he was a better plumber than Mario was.

2nd banana daysEdit

Luigi could never compare to Mario's success and adventures, but Luigi did save Mario twice, but still Luigi remained a 2nd banana

Drug Dealing DaysEdit

Luigi madesmoney by selling illegal drugs, he is known only as "the plumber" among many people, he sold shrooms, fire flowers Ectasy, and all kinds of drugs

Luigi the Plumber by crisishour-1-


Luigi is and cosuin to Daisy and has 2 cosuins, named, Luigi Jr. and Giovani he also keeps a brotherly bond with Mario.

Luigi SpringsEdit

Since all of his friends, and his brother got their own town, Luigi made his own town Luigi Springs, which has become a big city

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