Mario is a former plumber, who became a hero, then after killing Bowser, joined the Mushroom Mafia as a hitman.

Plumber Days
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When Mario was a plumber living in Brooklyn, he struggled to make ends meet, then, one day he goes to this house where he goes into the sewers, kills bad guys and then finds a pipe to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Hero DaysEdit

Mario and his brother Luigi were heroes, even though Mario got most of the fame, he rescued the dumb whore known as Princess Peach about 100 times, until Mario finally killed Bowser. OR DID HE, Anyways after this Mario's life went spiraling out of control, he needed a job QUICK, so he went to work for the Mushroom Mafia, where he became a hitman.

Mafia DaysEdit

Mario has since been a hitman in the mafia, he has been arrested by the MK Police multiple times, he has killed Luigi, but Luigi lived because he had a extra life:D, Mario then made other things, like the annual Mario Kart Tournament along with Mushroom Stadium, Mario then got rich, he gave some of the money he made to the mushroom mafia, Mario has also had a son named Mario Jr. , who was born from Peach.


Mario is the sole owner of the Mariopolis Fireballs , a baseball team that plays in Mario Stadium, a stadium Peach(well her toads actually) built for him.

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